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Baby Oopsie (2021)

Sybil is a meek and slightly "off" adult-aged doll collector and YouTube vlogger who gets needlessly bullied by her stepmother, her boss, and by random men on the street.
One of her doll deliveries needs a very serious restoration. Once restored, Baby Oopsie is born.
Once the doll has been restored (using a suspicious and clearly demonic gear that Sybil found in the mail from a mysterious sender), all hell breaks lose. Baby Oopsie goes on a murderous rampage toward any and every person that has wronged her "mama".
Baby Oopsie is a low budget indie killer doll slasher film, and it is BONKERS. In the BEST WAY. This movie is straight candy to an indie horror comedy lover.
Baby Oopsie "Daisy" delivers fresh, unforced, and hilarious one liners that give our boy Chucky a run for his money.
There are some nice references to The Exorcist and Demonic Toys (1992). The acting was good enough to be believable and the cast is a strong one. The special effects to make the doll come to life were well done for the budget they must have had.
Simply put, this movie is entertaining as hell. 70 minutes of pure candy-filled enjoyment. Level 10 on the ridiculous and corny meter and I couldn't love it more.
Best part? There's not one but two sequels.
Oopsie makeup and effects - 9/10
Acting and chemistry - 8/10
Baby Oopsie one-liners - 10/10
The twist - 8/10
Overall rating - 9/10
Where can you watch?
Tubi, Youtube
As of this post:
IMDB - 5.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes - --