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Exam (2009)

How far will you go to get the dream job?

Eight nameless candidates have reached the final selection process for just that, a dream job for a dream corporation. They’ve been placed in a large plain conference room at individual tables with a single piece of paper and a pencil. Their papers are labels Candidate 1 through 8. There is a silent, armed guard in the room.

A debonair gentlemen introduces himself as the Invigilator and gives them their instructions. There is one question, and one answer. They have 90 minutes with a countdown clock visible. If they speak to him or the guard they are eliminated. If they spoiled their paper they are eliminated. If they leave the room for any reason they are eliminated. Let the final interview begin.

They are given monikers (Dark, Blond, Deaf, Brunette, Brown) by a racist arrogant asshole (White). Quickly, they begin scheming against each other trying to learn the question, escalating deceptions and violence while also attempting to work together.

Multiple surprises and twists embedded in this tense thriller add to its charm. A little too much denouement for my taste, after the excellent climax they could have wound down a little more quickly I believe. But still very well done and worth a watch.
Rating: 7/10

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As of this post:
IMDB: 6.8/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 62%