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We Need to Do Something (2021)

A tornado? Bad storm? Jumanji? Demon dogs? Wait, what?
A family of four gets trapped after what seems to be a bad storm. A fallen tree barricades them into a bathroom and they are waiting for help to come as they slowly run out of food and water. An angry overly-abrasive foul-mouthed father (Pat Healy) and soft-spoken mother (Vinessa Shaw) try to keep their kids safe and alive.
As flashbacks of the daughter (Sierra McCormick) start to reveal this isn't just a normal storm, the family begins to realize they might be safer in their bathroom shelter. The daughter and her girlfriend (Lisette Olivera) reveal to be doing dark rituals. In present time, snakes find their way into the house through a cracked door and noises of a weird creature are heard with gunshots outside.
This movie had the intention of being ambiguous and claustrophobic. I think poor acting and bad decisions on the characters' parts make this miss the mark. I honestly don't believe that they could be this "trapped" in a bathroom, but I suspend my disbelief. It felt like a missed opportunity for a good horror story.
At some point you are annoyed with each of the four characters - the needy whiny son, the nonchalant weak mother, the always angry for no reason father, and the edgy emo daughter. Most times, you're annoyed with all four at once. You don't form an attachment to any of them.
Some gory and gruesome scenes seem downright unnecessary and completely out of place. From a horror-fanatic, that's saying something. 
I usually enjoy movies shot in one location - when the acting is good. This wasn't one of those movies.
Acting: 4/10
Demon tongue for dinner: 2/10
Ending: 1/10
Gut waterfall: 4/10
Puttin on the Ritz: only true redeeming factor/10
Overall rating: 3/10

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As of this post:
IMDB - 4.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes - 56%