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The Unheard (2023)

The Unheard is a brand new Shudder original film which is a slow burn with decent acting and not much payoff.
A deaf young adult, Chloe, decides to undergo an experimental treatment to regain her hearing. Although the concept starts promising with eerie audio and visual effects, there is very little payoff to waiting through this 2+ hour movie waiting for something to happen.
The movie tries to pull a "here's seven different storylines that will all come together eventually". A mother mysteriously dying years prior, a serial killer in the town, hearing voices and sounds, static imagery, supernatural moments with electronics and said dead mother...
The reality is that many of these storylines get so disjointed that by the end absolutely NONE of it makes sense.
The concept? Interesting enough.
The acting? Surprisingly good.
The film and sound editing? Starts great but gets annoying real quick?
Bringing it all together? Nope. Nope. Nope.
It falls SO short that we can't give this movie anything above a "this is dog shit" rating. It wasn't just bad, it was real bad. It was boring to watch, waiting for something to happen or for the plots to make sense. The storylines stopped being compelling and drifted into confusing and convoluted about halfway through.
I wish I could have watched this on 2x speed.
Acting - 6/10
Plot - 5/10
Pacing - 1/10
Cinematography - 5/10
That one good scene - 5/10
Joining the stories - 2/10
Ending - 1/10
Overall rating - 2.5/10
Where can you watch?
Shudder, AMC+
As of this post:
IMDB - 4.9/10
Rotten Tomatoes - 43%