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Mercy Christmas (2017)

Michael Briskett is an overworked but highly motivated office employee. He's a humble dude that's down on his luck. His boss Andy loads an impossible amount of work on him during the holidays after Michael invites him to a holiday party.
Cut to...MURDER. MURDER. MURDER. Back to back with fast stabs, dragging people through alleys, and smashing faces with bottles. Well, that felt out of place. Let's go back to Michael.
The boss' sexy assistant Cindy brings Michael piles of files for the project, and then randomly shows up to his holiday party that night. The holiday party that no one showed up to. You feel empathy for Michael but know this is a horror Christmas movie and shit is about to go real bad. Then it doesn't. She leaves for the night and Michael is back home alone and safe...until she comes back to his door and invites him to her family Christmas dinner.
Christmas dinner with this family is immediately super sus. They are a cheery, upbeat family with crazy eyes. Cindy ends up being his boss Andy's sister. After eating about 15 ribs, one glass of eggnog and Michael is down for the count. Time for things to get gruesome and we're only 18 minutes in. We're between a cannibal family's dungeon and Michael being tortured to complete Andy's working (using the secret santa gift he gave to Andy's sister, no less).
The sound effects and score composition are perfectly timed, the acting is good for a B-horror (great for a Christmas B-horror), and the practical effects are excellent. Above all else, this movie is FUNNY. Subtle humor mixed with blunt humor makes this movie fun to watch the entire way through. The cannibal family is very nonchalant with everything they do, which brings great laughs for the audience in such a grim environment.
The Christmas horror genre is relatively small, and this is a top-notch entertaining addition with a unique plot. It's got a slow burn around the middle, but it's worth the wait. If you're in for jaw-dropping gore and violence, check this one out for sure.
Fast stabs: 8/10
Watching this man eat 15 probably human ribs: 3/10
Drinking non-spiked eggnog: 5/10
Using the secret santa gift for shocking: 6/10
Cannibal humor: 10/10
Iron smash: 8/10
Overall rating: 8/10

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