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Honeymoon from Hell (2016)

Are you in the mood for bad acting, an incongruous plot, an odd twist, and terrible special effects? Boy, do I have the movie for you.
Honeymoon from Hell is a Lifetime movie starring a bunch of unknowns and has a budget just strong enough to make this magic happen:
This is one of those experiences that are so bad it's bad and I still love it.
The plot: honeymooners (Julia and Rivers) visit a supposedly haunted bed and breakfast in South Carolina as a potentially dangerous hurricane approaches. The legendary ghost of Alice Flagg can supposedly be seen walking the grounds at night, according to the kooky landlady. 
Fun fact: Alice Flagg is an actual legendary ghosty. "It said that she returns to search for her ring and sometimes makes herself known in various ways, sometimes as a touch on the hand, sometimes as a presence, sometimes appearing in her ball gown" (Robertson, 2022).
SPOOKY. Anyways back to this piece of shit.
Spoilers ahead because I need to discuss.
Overly campy landlady ends up being a bad guy working with the new hubby to murder his new wifey? I guess he's trying to stage a suicide for the inheritance money? But then the one we've seen as Alice Flagg is actually Rivers' ex that planned on killing Julia? But then crazy ex stabs Rivers and the landlady just decides to burn the entire place to the ground? Nothing makes sense to me but honestly I couldn't really care.
Clearly I need to watch more Lifetime TV movies because I had a grand old time making fun of this one.
It's so bad. Go watch it. But also don't.
Special effects - 1/10
Plot twist - 4/10
Originality - 3/10
Crazy landlady - 4/10
Lifetime acting - 2/10
Overall rating: 3/10

Where can you watch?
Amazon Prime

As of this post:
IMDB - 4.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes - Y'all really think this is rated on RT?
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