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Sick (2022)

I think if this movie was released 10 years from now I might have liked it. Anybody else still have Covid quarantine related PTSD? I feel like this needs a trigger warning. This was released now that the pandemic was calmed down and settled (literally released one week ago today), and I applaud the director for being bold and bluntly facing the societal issues surrounding Covid.
The characters? Annoying, no empathy for them whatsoever. The situation? TOO SOON (for me). Pandemic-themed movies and TV shows irk me in general. I watch fictional entertainment to escape from my reality, not to relive it.
The opening scene is very reminiscent of the opening scene of Scream. I see what you're doing here. Now chill, this ain't it.
The premise: a group of friends escape quarantine during the pandemic to go party at a lakehouse. A slasher starts picking off the friends one by one. I like this movie as a mindless stupid slasher. It would have gotten a decent rating from me.
The ending was just not believable from my point of view. It felt like a recreation of an angry troll on a facebook thread. I wasn't impressed. 
I WILL SAY, the final girl(s) made some GOOD horror movie decisions. This was like a breath of fresh air from a slasher movie. It strayed away from common cliches and tried something different. That "different" just didn't sit well with me.
Covid movies and TV shows in general: 2/10
Covid jokes: 5/10
Protagonist: 7/10
Setting and cinematography: 6/10
Plot: 4/10
Overall rating: 5/10

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As of this post:
IMDB: 6.2/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 86%