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Demon House (2018)

I would like to preface this by saying I did not watch Ghost Adventures (my Dad did) and I did not have a strong prior opinion of Zak Bagans (my dad definitely did). After sitting and (I can't believe I watched this whole thing) and being tortured for 111 minutes by this "documentary", I have no desire to ever watch an episode. Just the sound of this man's voice puts me in a sour mood.
I had moderately high expectations going into this. I'm a sucker for documentaries, and ones like this can be done well. There is not one redeeming quality about Demon House.
Zak Bagans decides to purchase a supposedly demon-haunted house in Indiana, known as the Ammons House. Him and his crew are investigating events that occured in the house and interviewing previous owners. This documentary possesses the worst qualities that some can have: goofy reenactments, overacting cast members, clearly staged materials, the need for constant ominous comments, and people paid to provide information. Literally, a squatter is shown on film being paid to tell Bagans his "ghost stories".
Zak Bagans doing his best to look like a douche in every single scene.
Zak may be the most unlikable host and documentary narrator I've encountered. He is an untrustworthy storyteller and exaggerator. He takes advantage of a poor community and pays people to provide them with evidence surrounding demon possession in the house. He also takes the opportunity to exploit a suicide attempt. What a stand-up guy!
This is a pathetic attempt at documentary filmmaking. This movie tries to convince you that a black blob caught on video in the shape of a hand was a ghost. There was opportunity to increase validity by introducing real experts, doctors, and skeptics. All illnesses claimed during the movie are not verified. Reverend Maginot, the "exorcism priest", has organ failure after exploring the house. He's old. There aren't any obituaries for him that I found. He's fine. Dude is also a liar
Oh, and the house is riddled in toxic black mold. Carbon monoxide leaking out of the furnace. Mold and carbon monoxide can easily cause hallucinations and illnesses. 
If you go into this, maybe make it a drinking game. Treat it like a mockumentary and an opportunity to make fun of Zak. 
Zak Bagans: 0/10
Paid witnesses: 1/10
Film style: 2/10
Goat reenactment: 2/10
Zak Bagans' voice: 0/10
Overall rating: 1/10

Where can you watch?
It doesn't matter. Don't.

As of this post:
IMDB Rating: 4.9
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 54%