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Amber Alert (2012)

Three young adults find themselves in a car chase with an Amber Alert car in this shaky found-footage film. This film will make you annoyed with every character encountered, but the story is solid.
During a road trip, two best friends and a brother spot an Amber Alert car after seeing the sign on the highway. Sam, the screaming banshee of a young woman, is convinced this man in the grey honda cruelly abducted a child. Her friend Nate believes it's a custody battle situation. They decide to follow the car "from a safe distance", as advised by a 911 dispatcher.
After the other car pulls over on the side of the road, the three pull over as well and the potential abductor goes up to the driver side window. He comes off like a dude that kept his daughter too long and his ex-wife is trippin'. 
They let him go. But they have a microphone in the car. He isn't who he says he is.
The movie has low ratings due to the acting. These are new actors filming a unique storyline, in classic shake found-footage style. Yes - the screaming is annoying. However, realistically, if someone was as passionate as Sam was due to the situation, they might be doing the same. These actors clearly don't have experience with ad lib acting and it shows, but it's realistic enough for me to follow the movie to the end. The most annoying part of this movie to me was actually the police's response and nonchalance with the whole situation.
It's definitely worth a watch to the climax, as you know there is no happy ending ahead.
Screaming banshees: 2/10
Filming: 7/10
Acting: 5/10
Ending: 8/10
Realism: 7/10
Police: 1/10
Overall rating: 6.5/10

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