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Apology (2022)

It's the 20-year anniversary of the disappearance of Darlene (Anna Gunn's) daughter. Darlene has finished preparing for Christmas the following day with her helpful neighbor and good friend, Gretchen (Janeane Garofalo).
In the middle of a snowstorm, her estranged ex-brother in law, Jack (Linus Kingsley), shows up at her friend door. He says he wants to make amends for the wrongs he committed years prior, and comes bearing nostalgic gifts and a lust for Darlene.
Small budget, small cast - but big impact. The acting from the leads and the quick movement of the plot is engaging and keeps you on the edge of your seat. There are some shortfalls with this, including plot holes and open ends that leave you scratching your head. The ending is appropriate and revenge all in its own.
The movie is not here to surprise you, because you can tell where it is headed early on. There aren't twists or extreme thriller moments. This is heavy with dialogue and makes you think.
It raises the question: if you had the opportunity to get revenge on somebody you discovered killed your love one twenty years ago, would you?
Revenge plot: 8/10
Ending: 8/10
Plot holes: 4/10
Empathy level: 7/10
Overall rating: 6/10

Where can you watch?
Amazon Prime, AMC +, Shudder

As of this post:
IMDB: 5.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 47%