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32 | South Florida
Hi! I'm Alyssa, the designer and the primary writer of this blog. I was first introduced to horror in 1994, as a tiny kid sitting in front of a tube TV watching whatever came on. It happened to be Child's Play. It terrified me. I loved it.

Fast forward to me in my 30's and I am a complete horror fanatic. I watch a horror movie on every day that ends in "y" and I'll ramble movie facts and trivia to people that couldn't care less. I have portraits of Freddy Krueger and Bruce Campbell tattooed as a sleeve on my leg and I paint/draw horror-based art. You can check it out here: tenebrifica.com.

My favorite horror movie of all time? Evil Dead II. Hands down. No questions asked. Perfect combination of camp, gore, laughs, cinematography.

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57 | South Florida
I was 6 or 7 years old when my sisters pulled to the side of a country road in Modesto California in the late 70s. When a Stranger Calls was playing on the drive in screen and we sat and watched long enough for me to cower on the floor in the back seat. Horror was injected into my DNA that day.

Starting in earnest in my late teens reading Stephen King novels, then progressing to horror movies with The Amityville Horror and The Fly. My horror kink continued through my young adult years and once my kids were old enough I introduced them to horror movies (way too young some would say).

It’s been a great bonding experience watching movies every week with my girls and sharing through Marco Polo. I look forward to blurbing some movies in the very near future.

29 | South Florida
Hi hey hello, I’m Jessie. I’ve been watching horror movies as long as I can remember, which is basically the early 2000s. My taste in both movies and music seems to be stuck between then and the early 2010s. That era of movies, although I know deep down are generally not great, are *chef’s kiss* to me. Give me the 2003 remake of Texas Chainsaw massacre over the original any day.

My main goal when watching horror movies is to have fun and be entertained. I couldn’t care less about plot holes, poor writing, or nonsense stories. That’s why I could watch a movie like ThanksKilling over and over again to the point that I’ve just about memorized every line.


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