About Me
Hi! My name is Alyssa and I am a 32 year old passionate educator and a motivated individual. I am a designer, an artist, a scientist, a dog mom, a fiance, a professional development specialist, and an educator. I consider myself to be a lifelong learner.

My passion started with science, and continued into education. I received my bachelors in Biology in 2012, with the initial intention of going into the medical field. This changed after I worked as an EMT, and my heart could not stand to see the amount of suffering of others.

With the intent of staying in the field of public service, I started my first high school teaching job in 2016. In the 6 years that I taught, I launched and grew a Gifted Academy from the ground up. I taught and built curriculum at the district level for Biology, Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and IB Biology. I specialized in teaching and building curriculum for gifted and ESOL courses. These achievements helped me win Teacher of the Year and Gifted Educator of the Year in early 2021.

While teaching, I found a love for building curriculum. I started creating free content for teachers online. That following has grown exponentially and I am grateful for the opportunity to help teachers and their students. I also found a way to reduce my stress - art. I started painting and eventually launched this art side business.

I currently work at the district level as a Professional Development Specialist, furthering my skills of content design as I design Professional Development (PD) courses for educators and function as a project manager. I am scheduled to complete my Master’s Degree in Education, specializing in Instructional Design and Technology in January, 2023.

I am an enthusiastic and compassionate educator and content designer. With my ability to assess learning needs and capture training requirements, I excel at producing and delivering powerful learning tools while effectively driving data analyses and modifications to better meet learners’ needs and drive course revisions and enhancements.